Air Safety Support International

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Promoting Aviation Safety in the UK Overseas Territories

Air Safety Support International is a not-for-profit, wholly-owned, subsidiary company of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, established under Directions from the UK's Department for Transport. The company's primary objective is to help provide a more cohesive system of civil aviation safety regulation in the UK Overseas Territories. Read more about ASSI.

Small Unmanned Aircraft

Flying a drone?

Find out more about about your legal responsibilities when flying a drone (small unmanned aircraft).

Arrivals and departures signs

Are you a passenger?

Find out more about authorised airlines and who to contact if you have any concerns about air safety when travelling to the UK Overseas Territories. islands.

Air Safety Support International is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Registered in England, company registration number 4104063.

Registered office is CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6TE.