Directions issued by the Secretary of State for Transport require ASSI:

  • to provide advice to Governors on aviation safety and security oversight and regulation;
  • to regulate in an Overseas Territory (OT) when designated to do so;
  • to audit the Overseas Territory Aviation Authority's functions within an OT; and
  • to develop a set of Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTARs) designed to implement the standards and recommended practices contained in the Annexes to the Chicago Convention.

The Governor is required to designate most responsibilities to a person or organisation with the appropriate ability to fulfil the regulatory oversight in these areas - this may be the Director of Civil Aviation within a Territory or it may be ASSI.

The Governors' Briefing Pack gives details about the practical implications of these duties and advice and support as to how to fulfil them.

Download the Governors' Briefing Pack (updated January 2020)

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Download the Governors' Briefing Pack (updated January 2020)

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