Air Safety Support International's (ASSI) mission is to ensure, in an inclusive and sustainable manner, that the United Kingdom (UK) meets its international obligations in respect of aviation safety regulation within the UK Overseas Territories.

Values and Guiding Principles

Sustainability will be achieved through the Guiding Principles of:

  • Ensure the long-term consequences of any actions/recommendations have been given due consideration, are consulted on and the process documented.
  • Ensure, through analysis of local issues and setting of realistic timescales for actions/recommendations, that all solutions are practical.
  • Ensure the provision of sufficient resources in Air Safety Support International (ASSI), in order to achieve sustainability of the regulatory effort, whilst providing Value For Money.
  • Promote the provision, by Overseas Territory Governments, of sufficient resources within their Civil Aviation Regulators.

Competence will be achieved through the Guiding Principles of:

  • Foster the continuous development and improvement in all that we do through a learning environment.
  • Operate in a competent and professional manner in the interest of safety for aviation in the Overseas Territories.
  • Encourage staff understanding of the implications of their actions.

Inclusivity will be achieved through the Guiding Principles of:

  • Promote effective two-way communication, both internally and externally.
  • Promote the development and enhancement of local capability in the Overseas Territories.
  • Ensure processes are in place to enable consultation on policy and procedures at all levels.

Determination will be achieved through the Guiding Principles of:

  • Set clear and achievable objectives, aimed at the promotion of aviation safety in its widest sense, for both the organisation and its staff.
  • Provide the fullest support to staff of Overseas Territories Directors of Civil Aviation (DCA) and ASSI to resist unreasonable pressures on regulatory decisions.
  • Recognise successes and achievements on an individual and team basis within the Overseas Territories and ASSI.

UK Overseas Territories

The United Kingdom Overseas Territories are spread throughout the world.

Directions establishing ASSI

The legal basis for the establishment of Air Safety Support International.