Medical issues relating to Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers are found in Overseas Territories Aviation Requirement (OTAR) Part 67. This OTAR Part sets out:

  • the requirements and procedures for the approval of appropriately qualified persons as Aeromedical Examiners and Aeromedical Ophthalmologists; and
  • the medical standards for the issue of medical certificates; and
  • the procedures for the issue, suspension and revocation of medical certificates.

There are three categories of medical certification:

(1) For Commercial Pilots Licence (Aeroplane & Helicopter) and Airline Transport Pilots Licence (Aeroplane & Helicopter);

(2) For Private Pilots Licence (Aeroplane & Helicopter) and Flight Engineer;

(3) For Air Traffic Controllers.

Supporting Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars (OTACs) give information on the criteria to be met for each category of Medical Certificate. Approved Aeromedical Examiners require specialist training in aviation medicine in addition to a general medical background (e.g. general practitioner, physician). Overseas Territory medical certificates can only be issued by Medical Examiners approved by a specific Territory.

List of Approved Medical Examiners

Anguilla, British Virgin Islands & Montserrat Open Accordion

Dr Sonia Meade-Swanston

Family Medical Practice
Welgelegen Road, #33, Unit 7G
Cay Hill
St Maarten
Netherlands Antilles
Tel: +1 599 5437766
Fax: +1 599 5437776

Dr Acheabea Dyer

28 Long Street
PO Box W376
St John’s
Antigua and Barbuda

Tel: +1-268-462-0931 (office and WhatsApp)
Email: (direct email) (general office email)


Bermuda Open Accordion


Contact the Bermuda Civil Aviation Department for information.

Cayman Islands Open Accordion

Dr Virginia Hobday

Cayman Clinic
439 Crewe Road
George Town
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands
Tel: 1 345 949 7400


Dr F Robert Glatz

Cayman E.N.T. Associates
2 Alexander Place, Dorcy Drive
George Town
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands
Tel: 1 345 945 3822

Turks and Caicos Islands Open Accordion

Dr S A Slattery

Grace Bay Medical
Grace Bay Medical Centre
Neptune Plaza
Turks & Caicos Islands
Tel: 1 649 941 5252