The aim of reporting is to prevent accidents and incidents. This protected information is reviewed, and the lessons learnt shared. The aim is not to attribute blame or liability.

Reporting made easy!

This process is designed to make sure all the required data can be easily provided. You only complete the sections that apply to your report. You can attach documents, pictures, recordings and video. You can update your report at any time too. Most questions have information to help you when the cursor is placed in the answer box. Some questions have answers that can be selected (see question section below).

This process covers all reports: dangerous goods; mandatory; security (these may require immediate notification); voluntary and wildlife strikes.

An accident or serious incident must be reported to the Air Accident Investigations Branch*.

Click to file a Safety Report

Click to file a Security Report

After you have submitted a report you can update it and add attachments to it later. To do this click "Submit a report" again and remember to quote the FULL REPORT NUMBER and VALIDATION CODE.

To update or add attachments to a Security Report first submitted before 1st October 2020 you must select "Submit a Safety Report".

If you have any problems, please email

* An occurrence report is not required for an accident or serious incident. Accidents and serious incidents must be reported to the Air Accident Investigations Branch and the local Director of Civil Aviation informed.  
Find out more about the Accident Investigation Regulations for the Overseas Territories and the definition of an accident and a serious incident.

Frequently asked questions

Which UK Overseas Territory should I report to?

Aviation Security Reports.  All reports should be made to Air Safety Support International (ASSI) using this process.

Non-Aviation Security Related Reports.  In general, you should make the report to the Overseas Territory Aviation Authority (see below) in which the occurrence happened. However, if you are reporting on behalf of an aircraft operator or maintenance organisation, make the report to the Overseas Territory where the aircraft involved is registered or, if the occurrence concerns aircraft maintenance not related to a specific aircraft, make the report to the Overseas Territory’s Aviation Authority that has issued the maintenance organisation’s approval.

The UK Overseas Aviation Authorities are:

  • Bermuda (aircraft registrations VP-Bxx/VQ-Bxx).
  • Cayman Islands - (aircraft registrations VP-Cxx).
  • Falkland (aircraft registrations VP-Fxx). Airworthiness/Flight Operations reports should be made to ASSI.
  • Turks & Caicos Islands - (aircraft registrations VQ-Txx).
  • All other UK Overseas Territories - report to ASSI using our online reporting system (aircraft registrations VP-Axx, VP-Lxx and VP-Mxx).  

Can I submit a test report to familiarise myself with the process?

We have provided a trial version to allow test reports to be filed for training and familiarisation purposes. The PDF report can be filed as evidence that this task can be completed.

Click to practice filing a Safety Report Click to practice submitting a Security Report

Reports submitted to our test system will be periodically deleted with no review or action taken.

How do I select sections/questions with set answers?

Use the video controls to watch in full screen.

To find out more about selecting sections/questions with set answers within a report, watch the above video and download the leaflet

Safety report sections that apply to your report are selected by ticking the options at the bottom of the General Information section.

Some question boxes have answers you must select from lists. These have small arrows and you must click on the small arrows to open the lists. There may be another list shown by more arrows, keep clicking on the arrows to find the right answer and then select that. You can also search the whole list by typing a keyword in the search box at the top of the window. Any answers with the keyword will then appear and you can select from this list.

In the Aircraft Details and Aerodrome Details sections an Aerodrome can be found by entering any part of an Aerodrome name, the IATA code or ICAO code. A list will appear, and you can select from the list. When selected the box turns green. If it is yellow, it means the selection is not from the list. You should always try to turn the box green.

Should I report this?

If you are unsure if something is a mandatory report, report it anyway. Also, if you feel that others could learn from your report. This could prevent someone else from getting hurt or worse. Any report that is not mandatory is classified as a voluntary report. These reports indicate a good reporting culture.

Examples of things that should be reported can be found in OTAC 13-1 - Occurrence Reporting.

Will I receive a copy of my report?

You will receive a PDF copy of your report to the email you provided as your email address. You may also copy your report to other email addresses you provide. This email and PDF act as confirmation that your report has been filed. If they are not received it is important that you contact us by email at

Can I attach files to my report?

Yes, when you have completed all the required questions in your report and you have clicked Submit you can then attach things such as photographs, recordings and documents. The files can be attached by dragging and dropping them, or by clicking Add Attachment. The system accepts the following file formats:

















































If you have any trouble you can send the attachment to quoting the report number and we can add this to the report for you.

How do I provide follow up actions, information, attachments and any corrections/changes to a report?

Click 'Submit a report' again and, using the full report number and the validation code. You can then upload further information, attachments and make any corrections or changes.  You will then receive another email and a PDF copy of your revised report as confirmation that it has been filed.

If you are unable to access the report again, additional information, attachments, corrections and changes can all be sent to quoting the relevant report number.  These will then be appended to your report.

What about confidentiality?

All reports are treated carefully to protect the ongoing submission of them. Reporters must avoid reporting any personal information. Except for any attachments, ASSI checks all reports to ensure this. Following this check, if any report information is shared with any aviation organisations or used publicly in any way it is dis-identified.

ASSI may contact the reporter to talk about any confidential issues with any report.

Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed where a caveat on prosecution applies, ie dereliction of duty amounting to gross negligence.

A confidential report can constrain any investigation and the discovery of any lessons learnt. Should a voluntary report need to be confidential, beyond that of a usual report, then an outline of the details should be filed by e-mail titled ‘Confidential’ to ASSI’s report e-mail The reporter should provide contact details so that ASSI can further discuss the exact details surrounding the report.

What are the reporting requirements?

The reporting requirements are contained in the AN(OT)O for safety and wildlife strike reporting and OTAR 178 for security incident reporting:

What happens next?

All reports are reviewed when submitted. Some reports are selected for further investigation to ensure all lessons have been found and actions have been taken. All reports will be dis-identified and then only shared with other aviation Service Providers (unless they are confidential) and other aviation safety regulators. These are reviewed for statistical purposes to drive our performance/risk-based oversight. Therefore, it is important to know that every report counts.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions on any of this please email

Submit a report

Selecting set answers

To make things easier many questions have answers that can be selected directly or from a database of answers. For guidance on getting the best from this feature, download the leaflet and watch the video below.

Use the video controls to watch in full screen.

Reporting requirements 

These are contained in the AN(OT)O for safety and wildlife strike reporting and OTAR 178 for security incident reporting:

Definition of an Accident and a Serious Incident

Submission of an occurrence report is not required for an accident or serious incident but accidents and serious incidents must be reported to the Air Accident Investigations Branch and the local Director of Civil Aviation informed.  Please refer to the following information:

Practice submitting reports

We have provided a trial version to allow test reports to be filed for training and familiarisation purposes.

Reports submitted to our test system will be periodically deleted with no review or action taken.

Your information and privacy

ASSI will respect your privacy and protect your personal data.​  Find out more about ASSI's General Privacy Notice and your personal data rights...

Further guidance

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