Extract from the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 (as amended)

Mandatory reporting of bird strikes

175.—(1) The pilot-in-command of an aircraft must make a report to the Governor of any bird strike occurrence which occurs whilst the aircraft is in flight within the Territory.

(2) The report must be made within such time, by such means and contain such information as may be specified by the Governor in requirements published under article 5 and be presented in such form as the Governor may in a particular case approve.

(3) Nothing in this article requires a person to report any occurrence which that person has reported under article 174 or has reason to believe has been or will be reported by another person to the Governor in accordance with that article.

(4) A person must not make any report under this article knowing or having reason to believe that the report is false in any particular.

(5) In this article, “bird strike occurrence” means an incident in flight in which the pilot-in command of an aircraft has reason to believe that the aircraft has been in collision with one or more than one bird

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