Air Safety Support International (ASSI) is a not-for-profit, wholly-owned, subsidiary company of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, established under Directions from the United Kingdom's Department for Transport.  The company's primary objective is to help provide a more cohesive system of civil aviation safety and security regulation in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

ASSI is responsible for supporting the Overseas Territories' existing authorities in the safety regulation of all aspects of civil aviation, including the licensing of personnel and the certification of aircraft, airlines, airports and air traffic control. In Territories where the civil aviation regulator does not have the resources to undertake the task themselves, then ASSI can be designated by the Governor to perform the civil aviation regulatory tasks on behalf of the Governor.

ASSI is designated to perform the regulation of aviation security on behalf of the Governor, in all of the Overseas Territories, working closely with aviation authorities where they exist.

Mission Values and Guiding Principles

Our Mission is to ensure, in an inclusive and sustainable manner, that the United Kingdom (UK) meets its international obligations in respect of aviation safety regulation within the UK Overseas Territories.

Directions Establishing ASSI

The legal basis for the establishment of Air Safety Support International.

Overseas Territories

The UK Overseas Territories are spread across the world and span a diverse range of cultures and environments. Find out more about these fascinating islands including contact information for each Territory's Director of Civil Aviation, Quick Links to useful websites and more.

The Board

Meet the people who sit on the Board of Air Safety Support International.

Meet the Team

An introduction to the team of experts who support the development of air safety in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories and their roles within the team.


Find out more about the Authorisations held by ASSI Inspectors, the Technical Functions for which they hold authorisations and those UK Overseas Territories to which these apply.


Find out more about the new signature format for Approvals, Permissions, Exemptions and other documents produced by ASSI.

Regulatory Competencies

A set of competencies have been produced for use by OTAAs and ASSI.

Business Plans

Find out more about ASSI's Business Plans.

aircraft engine

‘Everybody has Responsibility' - an introduction to ASSI

A presentation providing an overview of ASSI and its role.

Governors' Briefing Pack

The Governors' Briefing Pack gives details about the practical implications of a Governor's air safety duties and advice and support as to how to fulfil them.

Regulatory Oversight

Approvals granted by ASSI to an aviation Service Provider require regulatory oversight. A key component of this oversight is auditing.

Find out more about how we conduct regulatory oversight including audit findings/observations, our enforcement process and response times.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Find out more about how ASSI will respect your privacy and protect your personal data and learn about your personal data rights.