This page explains the new signature format for Approvals, Permissions, Exemptions and other documents produced by ASSI.

1. Introduction

1.1 Air Safety Support International (ASSI) is changing the way in which it produces, signs and distributes Approvals, Permissions, Exemptions and other documents which were previously provided in hardcopy with handwritten signatures.

1.2 In accordance with AN(OT)O requirements, ASSI issues signed documents to owners, operators, and approval holders in recognition of compliance to those various requirements and to acknowledge approval.

1.3 Requirements for the carriage of some of these documents onboard are expressed in AN(OT)O Part 20 and OTAR Part 91.

2. Background

2.1 ASSI has, to date, created paper ‘originals’ of the above referenced Certificates; these have included a handwritten signature and embossing or ink-stamping of the paper document.

2.2 It is becoming increasingly challenging for ASSI to send this documentation and so we are seeking a more reliable method of transmission.

2.3 A number of documents have already been issued only in electronic format during the main COVID-19 Pandemic and ASSI is now moving to formalise this process.

3. Information

3.1 The content and layout of the ASSI Certificates, Approvals and other documents will remain unchanged.

3.2 ASSI will be transitioning to digitally signed, electronic versions of these documents and all new documents will be signed using this method from 1 January 2023.

3.3 Under this new system, the electronically signed digital document, containing the digital ID certificate, will be the original document.

3.4 Signatures will be displayed with the following content;

  • A handwriting signature image within the digital certificate
  • ASSI logo impression image within the digital certificate
  • A digitally recorded authorisation of the signature, digital identifier of the person signing and the time and date of the signature.

[to follow]

Sample electronic signature format

3.5 The document will also contain a QR code which when scanned will land on this webpage to provide confirmation that ASSI documentation is being issued in this manner.
Image of a QR code for illustration purposes only.

QR code illustration

3.6 A digital copy of documents will be retained in ASSI's secure records system for audit and signature verification purposes.

4. Instruction

4.1 In order to satisfy the requirement for carriage of an original certificate, these digital copies may be carried in any approved Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) or any other digital media carrier, capable of presenting the document in .pdf format, held or carried onboard the aircraft for the proposed flight.

Person sitting at a laptop and adding their electronic signature to documents


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