The document regulatory competencies gives an overview of the approach to drafting the competencies and how they will be used.

Process Competencies

These have been written to cover two levels:

Operational - operational competence will be the level expected of frontline staff, e.g. aerodrome inspectors, airworthiness surveyors etc.

Supervisory - this level of competence will apply to managers and will require a lower level of competence, enough to understand the technical issues, but not necessarily sufficient to permit them to do the frontline job.

The Supervisory Competence level will apply in all technical areas for DCAs but the requirement for lower level managers (e.g. Head of Airworthiness) will need to be identified dependent on circumstance, job description, how many tech staff working etc, and is for DCA to decide.

These competencies have been designed to sit above the technical competence with which the post holder enters his or her role.

Within each competency, the descriptors are grouped together within elements.

The process competencies are:

Data Driven Risk Based (DDRB) Oversight Competencies

This competency set comprises a number of different sub competencies to define the skills and knowledge an individual requires to be competent in DDRB. Some of the competencies are present as either Process Competencies or as Additional Technical Knowledge and Skills Competencies.  DDRB includes the regulatory oversight approach of Performance Based Oversight (PBO).

Additional Technical Knowledge/Skills Competencies

These specialist technical areas will be dependent on job description. For example, the oversight of SAR arrangements could be done by different disciplines, e.g. ATC, Flight Ops etc and may merely be allocated into an individual's job description on the basis of their past experience.

These have been developed with one level.

Airworthiness Additional Technical Knowledge/Skills Competencies

Airworthiness and Flight Operations

Conduct Competencies

These are applicable to all staff and relate to the conduct that is expected. The list of conduct competencies are:

Competency Profiles

Each job will require regulatory process competencies and conduct competencies. It may also contain additional technical knowledge/skills competencies. The level of process competency will also be defined. The profiles below list the competencies that ASSI believes are appropriate for the job roles shown.

Jet Turbine

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