OTAR Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval

Organisations that wish to undertake maintenance of aircraft registered in the Territories shall hold an appropriate approval.

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I need to complete and submit the following form:

Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE)

An applicant for OTAR Part 145 approval needs to submit a copy of their MOE for approval by the OTAA.

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I need to complete the following tasks:

Maintenance Contracts

There needs to be a Principal Contract between the operator and the maintenance organisation.

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I need to complete the following task:

  • Submit a signed copy of the principal contract to the OTAA.
Light Aircraft

Application Forms

ASSI has published a set of Airworthiness Application Forms allowing an applicant to complete and submit a form more effectively and without the aid of ASSI staff, through the ASSI website.

Important Note

The processes, procedures and application forms in some overseas territories, may differ to the ones included here. You are advised to contact your respective Overseas Territory Aviation Authority (OTAA), to ensure that you are using the correct processes, procedures and forms.

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