The requirement for the licensing of Air Traffic Service personnel is contained in the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, principally Articles 144 and 151. There are two types of Air Traffic Service provided at locations in the Overseas Territories:

  • Air Traffic Control; and
  • Flight Information Service.

Requirements for Air Traffic Service personnel licensing can be found in:

ATC licences are issued in two variants, Student - during initial training - and Full. Theoretical training for the initial issue of a licence and all subsequent ratings must take place at an approved training establishment. A student licence will not be issued until the successful completion of the initial rating course. All training must take place under the supervision of an appropriately authorised person. Subsequent checks of an ATC licence holder's operational competence are carried out annually. Medical requirements for Air Traffic Controllers are contained in OTAR Part 67.

Applying for Personnel Licences

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Apply for an ATC or FIS Licence

Find out more about applying for Air Traffic Control and Flight Information Service licences.

Medical Certification and Approved Aeromedical Examiners

Find out more about medical issues for air traffic controllers, including a list of approved medical examiners in the Overseas Territories.