Aerodrome emergency planning is the process of preparing an airport to cope with an emergency occurring at the airport or in its vicinity. The object of airport emergency planning is to minimise the effect of an emergency, particularly in respect of saving lives and maintaining aircraft operations. The airport emergency plan sets forth the procedures for coordinating the response of different airport agencies (or services) and those agencies in the surrounding community that could be of assistance in responding to the emergency.

The means of compliance with the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order (AN(OT)O) are contained in OTAR 139 (Certification of Aerodromes) Subpart C - The Aerodrome Manual, which requires an emergency plan.

The minimum contents for an Aerodrome Manual are contained within the AN(OT)O Schedule 11; Paragraph (xix) requires details of the aerodrome emergency procedures. Additional requirements for emergency planning are contained in OTAC 139-8 (Aerodrome Emergency Planning and Emergency Exercises) and OTAC 139-21 (Aerodrome Emergency Planning Modular Exercises).

International Civil Aviation Organisation Doc 9774 AN/969 Manual on Certification of Aerodrome Appendix 1 Part 4.3 provides further guidance on the particulars of the aerodrome emergency plan.

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