Issue 2.00

Issued: 14 November 2022

Effective: on issue


Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars are issued to provide advice, guidance and information on standards, practices and procedures necessary to support Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements. They are not in themselves law but may amplify a provision of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order or provide practical guidance on meeting a requirement contained in the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements.


This Circular provides information on the process for the issue, maintenance, renewal and amendment of Medical Examiner Approvals.


This Circular relates to OTAR Part 67.


In line with ICAO Annex 1 Personnel Licensing, changes in terminology: from Aeromedical Examiner and Aeromedical Ophthalmologist to one single term Medical Examiner, and from Medical Certificate to Medical Assessment.

Amendment to the list of primary ICAO States acceptable as the basis to issue an Overseas Territories Medical Examiner Approval.

Updates to the Overseas Territories Aviation Authorities (OTAAs) contact details and other general grammatical amendments.


Enquiries regarding the content of this Circular should be addressed to Air Safety Support International at the address on the ASSI website or to the appropriate Overseas Territory Aviation Authority.