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Global Aviation Safety Plan 2020-2022

In the run up to next year’s ICAO 40th Assembly, ICAO has distributed its draft Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) 2020-2022. This GASP process has evolved hand in hand with industry over the last 20 or so years to progress aviation safety within a rapidly developing and expanding industry. We all have parts to play in supporting this plan.

Information Technology

Information technology continues to integrate into all facets of aviation operations. It makes things easier, provides checks, and provides a wealth of information to make aviation operations safer. It provides many risk mitigations but can also generate risks.


It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that commonly used over the counter self-medication is generally OK. Undesirable side effects that may only affect a few people can be significant and impact on performance. It is important to carefully read the medication’s contra-indication small print, and if you don’t absolutely know for sure consider yourself as one of those who will suffer the side effect.

Audit Responses to ASSI

ASSI has published guidance on addressing audit findings and how we conduct regulatory oversight.

ICAO Document Update

It has been a busy period for ICAO document updates.

Careful adherence to flight and maintenance checklists (provided by Len Cormier, Bermuda CAA)

On 2 May 2017, the European Remote Monitoring Agency (EUR RMA) recorded a Bermuda registered aircraft in RVSM airspace over Austria with an Altimetry System Error (ASE) of -975 feet which required an immediate intervention. The CL 600 aircraft was in level cruise at FL 360. 
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