Image of a fuel truck at an aerodromeThe Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is the place to go for information on an aerodrome. Within it you can find out all sorts of information to ensure an aircraft’s safe passage through. One important section when trip planning is fuel; it may be the only reason for the aircraft stopping at an aerodrome.

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The hours and types of fuel available is usually all there, but what about defuelling? There are times when things just don’t go right, and the aircraft is sitting there on the apron with too much fuel. It is certainly going to cost, but can an aircraft be safely defuelled at an aerodrome with procedures in place?


  • Do you know what can be done at your aerodrome?

    • What storage is available?

    • Are there safe methods of disposal?

    • What are the hours of availability?

  • Do you promulgate that defueling is or is not available?

Operators, Fuel Companies and Aerodromes all need to ensure that fuel is disposed of safely and responsibly.

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