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Dangerous Goods

More people now shop online and with the greater use of lithium batteries there is an increased threat to aviation safety in the area of dangerous goods. Incorrectly packaged and undeclared items have made their way onto aircraft with some very tragic results.


All doors, including baggage and service panel doors, should be correctly closed and secure before an aircraft departs. An open or lost door can lead to control difficulties, or in a worst-case scenario, loss of control.

Does your flight deck pre-flight oxygen check detect a system failure?

A recent report by the AAIB highlighted how a pre-flight cockpit oxygen check can fail to detect a failure of the system. In this incident a blockage in the regulator prevented both pilots getting oxygen when they were dealing with a suspected de-pressurisation event.

Managing wildlife risks at your airport

Knowing that you have wildlife in and around your airport and doing nothing to manage this is simply not an option. The vast majority of catastrophic strikes have been with species already identified, recorded and common to the airfield.
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