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Simply showing how you manage your hazards

Question: How can your safety management system (SMS) show that it finds current and possible safety hazards/issues and then assesses these? Also, how can it show that you are creating and taking actions based on these?

Maximizing staff potential

If I were to tell you there is an easy way to save money, spread knowledge within your organisation and improve communication and interaction between staff, would you be interested?

ASSI's YouTube Channel Goes Live

ASSI have set up a YouTube Channel which can be found at or search for Air Safety Support International on the YouTube website.

Guidance for aircraft maintenance teams on reducing the risk of fire

The UK CAA has carried out a review of aircraft fire events over a number of years, and although the risk of a hidden aircraft fire is relatively low, they have a far greater potential for a catastrophic outcome than many other aircraft fire types.

Refuelling with passengers onboard

The article on 'Refuelling with Passengers Onboard' on the SKYbrary website gives an overview of the safety measures associated with aircraft refuelling with passengers on board and the duties of the personnel involved.

New US rules for exporting aircraft parts

A problem that has been facing the aviation industry for some time is the ambiguity about the regulatory treatment of certain aircraft parts exported from the US.

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