Guidance for aircraft maintenance teams on reducing the risk of fire

The UK CAA has carried out a review of aircraft fire events over a number of years, and although the risk of a hidden aircraft fire is relatively low, they have a far greater potential for a catastrophic outcome than many other aircraft fire types.

The UK CAA has produced the film below in cooperation with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the benefit of aircraft engineering professionals who provide Continued Airworthiness activities on aircraft.

The film highlights the importance of following maintenance procedures and ensuring that wiring is not damaged or contaminated. It can be used to enhance engineering training programmes and may assist in reducing the risk of fires on aircraft.

In addition to this action to reduce the risk of hidden area fires, the UK CAA collaborates extensively with the FAA and Transport Canada, together with the European Aviation Safety Agency, on fire and cabin safety issues. The work is reported in international specialist meetings for materials flammability, fire systems and cabin safety and is available from the FAA website.

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