Aircraft Crew Composition

Two pilots in aircraft cockpitIn the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013, there were some amendments to the provisions regarding the composition of flight crew. The new Articles 40 and 41, deal with these provisions as follows:

Article 40 – Composition of crew of aircraft

This Article requires that an aircraft shall carry the crew required by the law of the country in which it is registered.
Within the Territory, this shall mean a flight crew adequate in number/description to ensure the safety of the aircraft and of at least that specified in the flight manual.

Note: if the aircraft does not have a flight manual, the adequate number/description of flight crew shall be that specified by the Governor in the Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly.

In addition to the above, an aircraft registered in the Territory is also required to carry a flight radiotelephony operator, if it is required by the Order to carry radio communication equipment under Article 36 Radio equipment of aircraft. Radiotelephony operator privileges are included within a commercial/airline transport pilot licence.

Article 41 Pilots required on commercial air transport flights

This Article is specific to commercial air transport and requires the following aircraft, registered in the Territory, to carry at least two pilots:

  • An aeroplane powered by one or more turbine jets;
  • An aeroplane powered by one or more turbine propeller engines  and with a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of more than 9;
  • A helicopter with a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of more than 9.

Aircraft registered in the territory, other than those described above, must also carry at least two pilots if flying in accordance with the instrument flight rules or flying at night, unless use of a single pilot is approved by the Governor, or the aircraft is a helicopter, flying by day, and remains clear of cloud and with the surface in sight.

OTAR 135 also refers to single pilot operations, with requirements for the composition of crew contained in 135.905 and equipment requirements in 135.655(f) (Note: OTAR 135.655 contains the instrument and equipment requirements for aircraft operating at night or under IFR).

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