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After a long day sometimes the last thing you want to do is more paperwork. However, that small near miss earlier in the day is on your mind; it could happen to someone else...

Small Observation, Big Issue

Do you always know the real issue when you report?

Is it a Mandatory Occurrence Report?

States should have mandatory and voluntary reporting systems. ICAO provides guidance to States as to what occurrences should be filed as a mandatory report, but it is up to the State. Different States therefore have different lists of occurrences...

Report Everything?

Typically most organisations will have their own reporting system.

Appearances can be deceptive

I used to have oversight of two airports of the same size with the same operators serving them. You would expect a similar level of reporting? Well, one airport reported a lot, and the other near to nothing. Which one would you want to fly out of?

Why do you want lots of reports, surely you want fewer?

The key to answering this question is that we do not want more serious incidents and accidents with their associated reports, particularly if they were preceded with lots of similar near misses and/or repeats of previous incidents and accidents that weren't reported. What we do want is lots of reports of the near misses...

Thank you

ASSI is the safety regulator for some UK Overseas Territories and so we receive their occurrence reports.


Pilots learn about hypoxia during training. Every now and again an incident comes along to remind us of the hazard.
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