Small Observation, Big Issue

Two pilots in a cockpitA junior crew member found that there was an issue with a replacement microphone in a cockpit. In a certain position it could prevent the movement of an emergency handle, unlike the previous fit. The crew member kept meaning to report this issue and eventually did. They expected a crew notice to make others aware of this issue and to ensure the microphone was stowed in a position so not to restrict the emergency handle. What actually occurred came as a surprise.

This report along with a few others identified that there was a systems problem with spares and part numbers. It highlighted some serious issues that were then immediately addressed by the company. If left, this issue may have led to a serious incident. The point of this true story is: if it is not right, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, take some time out and report. That report may well prevent an accident in a way that may not be immediately obvious.

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