ASSI promotes the safety of aviation in the UK Overseas Territories and, where designated by H. E. the Governor of the Territory, regulates aviation safety and security*. Where not designated, ASSI conducts assessments of the Overseas Territories Aviation Authority (OTAA). In consultation with the OTAAs and industry, ASSI produces requirements and guidance for service providers** to meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices.


ASSI is committed to further developing and implementing an appropriate regulatory framework, strategies and processes to ensure that aviation within the UK Overseas Territories is able to achieve the highest practicable level of safety performance.

To this end, in cooperation with the OTAAs, ASSI will work towards:

1)  setting and maintaining standards that are in line with the ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices and Procedures;

2)  adopting an appropriate data-driven and performance-based approach to safety regulation, service provider oversight and, where appropriate, OTAA assessments;

3)  fostering safety reporting and promoting just culture;

4)  encouraging safety information collection, analysis and exchange amongst all relevant industry organisations and service providers, with the intent that such information is to be used for safety management improvement purposes only;

5)  collaborating and consulting with relevant aviation stakeholders to address safety and regulatory matters to enhance aviation safety;

6)  allocating sufficient financial and human resources to support this policy;

7)  equipping ASSI and OTAA staff with the skills and expertise to discharge their safety oversight and management responsibilities.

Specifically, where ASSI is designated, ASSI will work towards:

8)  identifying safety trends within the aviation industry and adopting a risk-based approach to address areas of greater safety concern or need;

9)  the development of safety performance indicators as well as service providers’ safety performance indicators to continuously monitor and measure the safety performance of our aviation system;

10)  promoting good safety practices and positive safety culture within the service providers based on sound safety management principles.


Chief Executive Officer
Air Safety Support International
August 2016

*  ASSI views aviation security as an integral part of aviation safety
** Service Provider as defined Annex 19 Chapter 3 para 3.1.3 a) - f)

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