This bulletin will be issued biannually and is available free to all email alert subscribers. It aims to provide topics, along with sources of information, for safety meetings, safety development and safety training discussions. It further aims to provide practical guidance on elements of safety management, current safety issues that may affect the aviation community within the UK Overseas Territories (OT) and information on ASSI and the Overseas Territories Aviation Authorities. We hope you will find the bulletin both informative and useful. As we evolve our State Safety Programme, the Safety Bulletin will also evolve as part of our safety promotion.

You too can help to promote aviation safety

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We intend that the OT Safety Bulletin will evolve and work will continue over the coming years to improve it further, so please let us know how it is going for you in assisting you in managing safety. If you have something you wish to contribute or have any suggestions for improvement to the Bulletin, please contact

Latest issue of the Overseas Territories Safety Bulletin

Issue 15 of the OT Safety Bulletin published in February 2020.