The United Kingdom's Overseas Territories are spread across the world and span a diverse range of cultures and environments. From the smallest, the tiny island of Pitcairn in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to the bustling richness of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

The Overseas Territories have separate constitutions with elected governments who are responsible for the day to day administration. They also have a Governor, appointed by HM The King whose responsibilities include external affairs, security, defence and air safety.

Air Safety Support International is charged with the oversight of civil aviation safety regulation within the UK's Overseas Territories.

The UK Overseas Territories are:

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List of Approved Medical Examiners

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Aeronautical Information Publications

Essentially, an Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is a manual containing local regulations and procedures, usually issued by the respective civil aviation department. AIPs normally have three parts - GEN (general), ENR (enroute) and AD (aerodromes).  The latter also includes aeronautical charts for aerodromes.

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