Issue 13.00

Issued: 06 July 2022

Effective: on issue

OTAR Part 39 details the requirements governing aircraft registered in the Territory and issued with an airworthiness certificate under OTAR Part 21 Subpart E and any aeronautical product associated with those aircraft.

Change to EASA Part M Subpart G Approvals

In accordance with OTAR Part 39, the OTAAs currently accept an EASA Part M Subpart G Approval as a means of obtaining an Option 1 Continuing Airworthiness Management Approval.

The European Union has issued regulation (EU)2019/1383 which  amends  Continuing Airworthiness Regulation (EU) 1321/2014. This amendment introduces two new Continuing Airworthiness Management approvals which will replace Part M Subpart G from 24 September 2021. These are Part CAMO and Part CAO.

A Part CAMO approval replaces Part M Subpart G  for the management of Complex Motor Powered aircraft and Licenced Air Carriers in accordance with EC) No 1008/2008. The organisations shall manage the airworthiness of the aircraft in accordance with Annex I (Part M).

A Part CAO (Combined Airworthiness Organisation) is an organisation with CAM and Maintenance privileges. The latter of which replaces Part M Subpart F  Maintenance approval.  A Part CAO approved organisation may manage Non Complex Motor Powered aircraft operated for Commercial or Non Commercial Purposes.  The organisations shall manage the airworthiness of the aircraft in accordance with Annex Vb (Part ML) (M Light).

ASSI are reviewing OTAR Part 39 and associated OTACs and will amend them  to permit Part CAMO and Part CAO (with Continuing Airworthiness Management privileges) approved organisations  to be used as an alternative to organisations approved  in accordance with the previous Part M Subpart G regulation

The Transition

When Continuing Airworthiness Management organisations holding an Option 1 OTAR Part 39 approval transition to Part CAMO or Part CAO via their European NAA or EASA, they shall:

  • apply to their OTAA for a change to the OTAR Part 39 approval, and
  • submit an amended MCM Supplement addressing their new CAMO approval.

The revised OTAR Part 39 Approval Certificate shall then be reissued by the OTAA.

UK and Brexit

The adoption of equivalent Part CAMO or CAO approvals issued by the UK CAA after 31 Dec 2020 will also be permitted in the OTAR Part 39.