Within the United Kingdom Overseas Territories (UK OTs) the Governor is the appointed representative of the UK and has specific responsibilities for fulfilling the obligations of the UK as defined in the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The Governor discharges their responsibilities either through the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA) or another person (usually Air Safety Support International (ASSI)) designated for implementation of all Annexes with the exception of Annex 9 – Facilitation - and Annex 13 – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation

The nature of the civil aviation across the UK OTs varies in the type and scale of operations. Due to the geographical spread of the OTs, there are many regional influences and relationships that differ from the UK and Europe.  Notably the UK OTs have never been part of the European Union and most have never adopted European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations.  Therefore, although the UK OTs form part of the overall UK State Safety Programme (SSP), it is more practicable and appropriate for Territories to have a SSP and devise National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP) that reflects both the specific safety needs of their civil aviation industry and the region in which it operates.

This document describes the NASP for Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, and St Helena.

ASSI holds Falkland Islands oversight designations for both Annexes 6 and 8. Therefore any NASP elements described here that affect these Annexes will be included in our work with Falkland Islands operators.

This NASP will follow the North American, Central American and Caribbean Regional Aviation Safety Plan (RASP) that is aligned with the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP, Doc 10004).

ASSI’s focus is on evolving and building a NASP that supports the aims of both the Regional Aviation and ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plans. ASSI on behalf of the UK and UKOT governments is committed to aviation safety and to ensuring the securing of resources to enhance aviation safety.

Comments on this document are welcomed and should be sent for the attention of the CEO to enquiries@airsafety.aero.

Image of the NASP Leaflet

NASP Leaflet

This leaflet visualises the NASP for Anguilla, BVI, St Helena and Montserrat.

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